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Four years ago, Maggie Lane lost her job with the Chicago PD, her boyfriend, and her sanity. Never one to accept defeat, she opened the Busted Detective Agency with her two best friends. Now Maggie is a success, doing a job she’s great at. So what if her love life is drier than a tumbleweed, and her sanity is still MIA? She doesn’t need a man—or her sanity. They’re both completely overrated.

Chase Montgomery is a cop on his way up, with nothing standing between him and everything he wants. But when he—literally—runs into Maggie in an alley while chasing a perp, one look is all it takes to remind him exactly what he lost when he let her go. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t forgiven him for ruining her career and obliterating her heart.

When Chase’s failed drug bust and Maggie’s investigation of a cheating girlfriend turn out to be related, Maggie and Chase don’t have much choice but to combine forces. If they can control the urge to kill each other long enough, they might just figure out how to make this thing between them work.

Unless, of course, the drug dealer Maggie double-crossed gets a hold of them first.

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