Brice Coleman’s life is falling apart. Her formerly happy home is now occupied by her ex-husband and his new wife, Sugar, and no, Brice doesn’t want to talk about it. Any of it. Asking her parents for help is out of the question, and she and her son Connor have to find someplace to live before they end up on the street.

Luckily, Brice’s grandmother needs help running Camp Falling Pines—which includes the use of a cabin for the summer. It’s the perfect escape plan, if only it didn’t land Brice face-to-face with the first man who ever shredded her heart. They had their chance at a relationship long ago. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Or at least that’s what Brice keeps telling herself.

Jason Rowe bolts from his lucrative ulcer-inducing law career on Chicago’s Gold Coast to help save Camp Falling Pines, his one childhood refuge from his perpetually disappointed parents. With every nail he hammers and every board he cuts, he misses his old life less and less—despite his mother’s daily doses of guilt. He has no regrets…except for Brice.

Every man dreams of the one that got away, and now she’s standing in front of him, looking better than ever. Jason can’t walk away, even though he knows he should run before Brice does—and she will run, once his past catches up to both of them.

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