Jessi Xu needs money and lots of it if she’s going to move into her very own rat-free apartment in Chicago. She’s done the math. It’ll take seven months, two weeks, and six days for her to earn that kind of cash. You’d be counting the days too if your mother was a newly-minted life coach intent on coaching the living right out of your life.

Somehow, all her drama fades into the background once she meets the gorgeous and exciting Enzo. Between his smile and the body and that laugh? He’s bringing fun back, despite her mother’s best efforts.

Hotshot lawyer Lorenzo Borelli lost one case—one—and suddenly everything that’s important to him is on the line. His only goal now is preserving his career. No distractions. Then he asks Jessi to be his pretend-date for an off-the-books undercover assignment, and she makes him question what’s really important.

In a single night, both their worlds are turned upside when they are held at gunpoint, abducted, and left stranded in a cemetery. If they survive the night, they just might manage to save his career and gain Jessi her independence. But the clock is ticking…

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