Danni Stein is done working at Busted Private Investigations. If it wasn’t for her best friends and the fact that she owns a third of the company, she would’ve left in a swirl of dust sooner. You can only find a man’s computer loaded with furry-porn so many times before one questions their life choices. She’s going to freelance. Writing code means no more cheating husbands, no more porn.

Marek Skala’s company is falling apart. Everything he’s built is being destroyed by cyber thieves, and there’s nothing he can do. Not alone anyway. He needs help. He needs Danni. Danni has the talent to make this right—if they can get past the guys with guns that seem to find them no matter where they go.

Danni wants to help—but not for the reason Marek thinks. Marek can never know why she needs to help. Because if he knew, he’d walk away and she can’t live through that again.

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