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Christmas Cookies Mysteries

Everybody loves Christmas … and mysteries. And now the two of them have been combined. We hope you’ll enjoy this fun little project revisiting the Christmas Cookies CD. — Joe Bonsall, The Oak Ridge Boys

Christmas is magical and includes many traditions like decorating the tree, giving gifts, baking cookies … and murder and mayhem?!?! Join in the fun this season and create a new holiday tradition with mysteries from more than a baker’s dozen of award winning authors—all inspired by the songs of The Oak Ridge Boys’ Christmas Cookies CD.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing—Patricia Bradley
Ollie Bramlett—Joseph S. Bonsall
From Love to Love—Lisa Preston
Away in a Manger —Beth Pugh
Aunt Elvira’s Jewels (aka Hay Baby)—D. L. Havlin
Little Annie’s Christmas Wish—Christine Clemetson
I’ll be Home for Christmas—Don Bruns
Blessed Be the Day of Our Savior’s Birth—Kathy Harris
Jingle Bells Murder All the Way—Kelly Irvin
Ordinary Days—Delores Topliff
Uncle Luther Made the Stuffing—Vanessa M. Knight
Back to Tennessee—Danielle M Haas
The Warmest Night of the Year—Kaye D. Schmitz
O, Come All Ye Faithful— M.M. Chouinard
O Come All Ye Faithful (Reprise)—Mindy Steele

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Swing into Murder

Harper Lange is a grade schoolteacher with a secret. Well, since her husband passed away, she hasn’t been to the DeVout swinger’s club—so her secret life has dried up to Harry Potter binges and Merlot. Clubs are no fun without her husband by her side.

When Las Vegas’ finest knock on her door reopening her husband’s case, she finds herself back at DeVout trying to figure out who would want to kill her husband. Kill her husband. She never thought she’d be thinking those words, let alone interrogating her friends.

With everything going on, she should be hiding in the corner with a full bottle of wine and a box of donuts, like a normal person. Instead, she’s roaming around the streets of Las Vegas getting hot and bothered with Detective Alex Cabrero—heavy on the bothered. The man can’t seem to understand that she’d want to find answers, and she’ll go wherever the information leads—even if it means she has to drag the detective along.

Harper’s getting close to the killer. She needs to figure it out before she becomes the next victim.

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Come Die with Me

“After all the times my mom told me to save for a rainy day…Who would’ve thought the rainy day would come in the form of a dead guy named Donnie?” ~ Roxy Horne


Roxy Horne is a process server—not that tracking down people and giving them paperwork is her life dream—but it feeds her cake obsession. Oh, and it pays the bills. Her dream of being a Private Investigator is far out of reach. But never once, even when serving to a slime ball who wouldn’t pay child support, did she expect to find a dead body. Now her life is crazier than the cacti being launched at her car.

There is an upside. While serving a subpoena she’s connected with her high school infatuation, Rafe Amato. If the name doesn’t tell you how hot the man is, his abs will do it. All ten of them. Rafe might be an ex-cop, but his mind hasn’t gotten the memo. He thinks like a cop, he acts like a cop, and he annoys her like a cop. Her upside doesn’t feel so up anymore.

When the Las Vegas Police name her suspect number one, Roxy is inches away from losing her job, her home, and her freedom. She needs help. And she’ll take any help she can find—even if it comes from the man who drives her crazy one mile at a time.

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