Ritter University Book Five

Savannah Whitley’s pastor father did his best to shelter her from all the evils of the world on their family farm, but that wasn’t enough to keep her safe or make it any easier to carry her pain and guilt in silence for most of her life. Everything changes when she meets Joe—he’s her dream come true and the love of her life.

Joe Kaminski has lost everyone he loves–his parents, his friends, and his belief in himself. All he has left is college and the best thing that’s ever happened to him… Savannah. Despite the happiness he finds with her, Joe can’t stop drowning in the sorrows of his past and the troubles in the present. Will his love for Savannah be enough to drag him out of the bottle before he loses her forever?

Savannah’s been sheltered from almost everything. Joe doesn’t know what shelter even means. Together they don’t make sense… but they can’t bear to be apart.

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