Her heart and life are in danger. Can Shay protect one without losing the other?

Shay Washington likes things simple. Her job as a Chicago Police Detective is hard enough without adding the drama of finding a man, dating a man and tolerating a man. After all, men tend to get all weird, since her gun is bigger than theirs. She just hasn’t perfected the damsel in distress. But she’s in Las Vegas—the city of sin. It’s time to cut loose, raise a toast and lose control. And then came Garret, all gorgeous green eyes and muscles… What could go wrong with one little hookup in Vegas?

Garret Doyle has a plan. He’s worked his way up from nothing and he plans on staying on top. His security team at Pura Vida hotel is top notch, natch. So, when a gorgeous Chicago Police Detective walks into his hotel, he’s got it covered. He’ll keep his distance. He refuses to get involved with anyone who will just up and leave again.

Shay and Garret are forced together by a ring of thefts, but will the bright lights of Vegas blind them from what’s important. Can they find the thief before they lose their hearts?

Available Early 2023